The Equipment You Need in a Certified Kitchen

No upfront costs. Craft with confidence using top-notch equipment in a health-certified kitchen. Every tool and surface upholds stringent hygiene and safety standards, providing a secure and inspiring space.

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Always the Perfect Space

Choose the ideal kitchen for your goals, enhancing your production capabilities to meet current demands. Designed for easy scaling when the time comes.

Pay as you go. Pay only for what you need.

Begin With Your Needs

Start your culinary journey with just the right size and resources, ensuring a cost-effective and focused launch.

Prepare for Growth

Equip yourself with a flexible kitchen space that adapts to your expanding ambitions, making scaling up seamless and efficient.

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Fast Bookings.
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Reserve your ideal kitchen anywhere from an hour to several months—flexible, no upfront cost and trusted support just a call away.

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Choose your kitchen for any time frame — a guided hassle-free process.

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Any time, any day — count on our team for support without delay.

Rebooking Made Simple

Pick a kitchen that fits your plan, with simple rebooking for next time.

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Safety & Insurance

Navigating insurance and food safety is crucial in kitchen bookings. We offer extensive resources for every chef's peace of mind.

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At Your Service

Let us take care of the logistics while you take care of your passion.

Skip the Wait

Dedicated to small business success, we provide flexible booking options and exceptional customer support.

Zero Upfront Investment

Instantly find your ideal kitchen from our vast selection—no delays, no downtime, just seamless booking.

Syzl Guarantee™

When the unexpected happens, count on us. Our team is here, ready to offer assistance and timely advice whenever you require it.

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Syzl Guarantee™ for Your Evolving Business

From payments to insurance and marketing, we’ve got you covered with seamless, all-in-one solutions.

I produce our product on demand to sustain the brand and prioritize cash flow, avoiding excess inventory. That’s why I’m a client.
Catherine Chen
Founder, CC Spicy

Catherine Chen
Founder, CC Spicy

Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about booking kitchen space.

Who is Syzl for?

Syzl is for anybody who needs certified kitchen space.Are you a home cook who needs a bigger kitchen for an event?Maybe you're a professional chef who needs a kitchen for recipe testing.Or maybe you're a new food entrepreneur looking to expand your menu offerings but are worried about provincial regulations.No matter who you are, we have you covered if you need a kitchen.

Do I need insurance?

Many Kitchen Hosts on Syzl require that Food Makers have (and provide proof of) $2-5 million in Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance to book and use their kitchen. Likewise, Syzl strongly recommends that you obtain insurance for yourself/your business so that you are protected in the event that you are found legally responsible for injuries caused to another person or damage to their property.

Syzl has partnered with Zensurance to recommend various types of insurance coverage specific to small businesses in the food industry. They have specialized experience with this category and will help you tailor a policy to work for your business.

How do I get paid for my kitchen?

Ready to accept bookings? Let’s ensure you are set up to receive compensation! Syzl partners with Stripe in order to complete secure payments.

Set up your wallet

Before you start receiving payments, you need to set up your Wallet directly in the Syzl app. Please ensure you have a piece of ID on hand (i.e. passport, driver’s licence, or ID card)

Here’s how:

  1. Sign in to the Syzl app and navigate to ‘Wallet’.
  2. Once you select ‘Wallet’, you’ll need to select ‘get a stripe account’.
  3. Enter your email and phone number. Stripe will use your phone number to send a verification code.
  4. Once you’ve entered your verification code, you’ll be prompted to enter your legal name, date of birth, and home address.
  5. After this, you’ll have to select which bank account you want to use to receive payouts.
  6. Enter your account details, including the transit number, institution number, and account number. Double check that the numbers are accurate before submitting.
  7. At this point you’ll be asked to verify your identification by uploading a piece of ID.

That’s it, you’ve set up your wallet and can start receiving payments!

How much does it cost?

At Syzl, our mission is to provide affordable access to certified kitchens for Food Makers of all types, from professional chefs to new entrepreneurs and everyone in between!

Signing up and browsing our app is completely free! 💪 Here are the expenses you will incur when you find a kitchen you want to rent:

  • Hourly rates will vary by kitchen. Kitchen Hosts have the final say regarding what it costs to use their space. Kitchen Hosts are encouraged to set their rates to suit their individual business needs while considering what their kitchen offers to Food Makers regarding location, specialized equipment, availability, etc.
  • Sales tax will be calculated on the total and is visible on your receipt. We recommend contacting your accountant if you have questions about charging or paying sales tax for your business.
  • A Maker booking fee of 4% is also applicable to each booking. This fee is calculated on the amount before tax and is also visible on your receipt. Please get in touch with your business accountant to determine how your business might handle claiming this expense.

Are the kitchens clean?

Cleaning up thoroughly after your booking is a great way to build good will with your host for future bookings

Do I need to clean up when I'm done?

Definitely! It is your responsibility as a maker to leave the space the way you found it when you arrived.

We add an additional hour to your booking (2 hours if your booking is 8+ hours), so you have enough time to thoroughly clean the space when you're done. We also allow, where available, an extension of time should you be running short at the end of your booking.

What happens if the space wasn’t clean when I arrived?

If the space was not clean when you arrived, please take pictures as evidence and forward them to our team so that we can get in touch with the host.

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Find Your Perfect Kitchen Space

Discover hundreds of kitchens to choose from and save time finding the perfect space for your business. Our flexible booking options and dedicated customer support ensure a seamless experience.